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Bec Douros

@_nectaar / @becdouros

With husband George, this mum to Archie and Lenny is positive and passionate about their growing business.

Find out what Bec had to say for #talkFEST Monday morning 18th March



Sara formed the business with her sister Amy in 2012 with the motive of creating havoc in the real estate industry.

Find out what Sara + Amy had to say for #talkFEST Tuesday evening 19th March 



From a marketing and corporate background, Deb entered the design space with the goal of coaching others to achieve their small business dreams.

Find out what Deb had to say for #talkFEST Thursday morning 21st March



Passionate about creating home vibes that are the background for an interesting life, Haus of Cruze is the interior service directed by the enigmatic Az De La Cruz

Find out what Az + Jamie had to say for #talkFEST Friday evening 22nd March



Self-confessed imagery addict, Bea is passionate about feeding the soul through images of spaces, and seeks to inspire.

Find out what Bea had to say for #talkFEST Sunday morning 24th March



From humble origins as an inspirational interiors blog, Eve's passion project Dot and pop became a career as she took the leap to become an Interior Stylist/designer.

Find out what Eve had to say for #talkFEST Monday evening 25th March


@samrigopoulos / @jelliscraiginnernorth

Director of Jellis Craig Northcote, agent and auctioneer, Sam has a voice to be reckoned with - literally.

Find out what Sam had to say for #talkFEST Wednesday morning 27th March



Jen has been a full time blogger for over six years, and is interiors and renovations obsessed, in equal parts. She loves talking all things interior design.

Find out what Jen had to say for #talkFEST Thursday evening 28th March



Sharing the funkiest of Australian women's homes with all of us lucky people, Emily loves to find and share beautiful spaces.

Find out what Emily had to say for #talkFEST Saturday morning 30th March

Tara Wokulski


Master of Zen, Tara is becoming known for her calming, tranquil living spaces that relax the mind, and encourage the body to rest.

Find out what Tara had to say for #talkFEST Monday evening 18th March



Brodie has built a career out of acting as the mouthpiece for the small and mighty dark horses of architecture.

Find out what Brodie had to say for #talkFEST Wednesday morning 20th March



Aimee launched and runs her own design firm, Archer Interiors, working across interior design in residential, commercial, brand campaigns, and editorial.

Find out what Aimee had to say for #talkFEST Thursday evening 21st March



Now Director of his own firm since 2014, Bens career progressed comfortably for the ten years following his graduation.

Find out what Ben had to say for #talkFEST Saturday morning 23rd March


Leora is The Creative Director of Welcome to Here Interior Architecture firm recently tasked with updating the restaurant + accommodation for Seville Estate.

Find out what Leora had to say for #talkFEST Sunday evening 24th March



As Founding Director and Principal Designer of Brave New Eco, Megan is an Interior Designer, Permaculture Designer, and Sustainable Design Consultant by trade.

Find out what Megan had to say for #talkFEST Tuesday morning 26th March



As a buyer's advocate, Nicole Jacobs Property offer a complete search and acquisition service for their prospective buyers.

Find out what Nicole had to say for #talkFEST Wednesday evening 27th March



Can you imagine walking through a 1:1 scale floor plan of your upcoming build? Now you can. Marian tells us how floor plan projection can help you picture your home.

Find out what Marian had to say for #talkFEST Friday morning 29th March



Stef has been working as a carpenter for 6 years, + has studied further in construction + site management, with aspirations to become a fully-fledged builder soon.

Find out what Stefanie had to say for #talkFEST Saturday evening 30th March



Awarded Master Builder of the Year 2018 in the category of Queensland Women in Building, Rachael's contribution to the industry goes far from unnoticed.

Find out what Rachael had to say for #talkFEST Sunday evening 31st March



Ben Robertson was hitting ten years out of uni when he had that 'Why not?' moment, and opened Tecture. Three years on, the ball hasn't stopped rolling yet for Tecture.

Find out what Ben had to say for #talkFEST Tuesday morning 19th March



Manuela's ethos is to celebrate the talent of others, + to draw our eye to all of the details that makes a room.

Find out what Manuela had to say for #talkFEST Wednesday evening 20th March



Stemming from a comfortable Finance background, Alison's decision to abruptly segue into interior styling was nothing if not a true 'follow your heart' moment.

Find out what Alison had to say for #talkFEST Friday morning 22nd March



What began with a desire to become an archaeologist developed into a career of this time and world for Dara Shashoua.

Find out what Dara had to say for #talkFEST Saturday evening 23rd March



Martina is an absolute star, and master of manipulating natural light to make a space look its absolute best. Her photos need to be seen to believed.

Find out what Martina had to say for #talkFEST Monday morning 25th March



Director 1 of 3 of the Lights, Lights Lights (LLL) team, Danielle spends every day working with her two talented brothers to light up Australian design projects.

Find out what Danielle had to say for #talkFEST Tuesday evening 26th March



Decidedly human, the (all female) team behind Nest know that most of your uses for a Conveyancer are tied to a significant life event.

Find out what Laura had to say for #talkFEST Thursday morning 28th March



Influenced by the Nordic design of their European origins, Zephyr + Stone's aesthetic is minimalism of the luxe variety. We love this sister powerhouse duo.

Find out what Ania + Kasia had to say for #talkFEST Friday evening 29th March



Lauren is the brains and energy behind Sisalla Interior Design. Launched solo in 2010, Sisallla has a practical and transparent approach to Interior Design.

Find out what Lauren had to say for #talkFEST Sunday morning 31st March

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