Thank you team!

Our amazing trades - we thank you

Today we want to thank our team – the team that actually make the build happen. The carpenters, the labourers, the plumber, electrician, caulker, tiler, landscaper, plasterers, window peeps, all of them.

We wrote an article about it taking 107 people to build a house and it does, perhaps more? Each of them have a role to play. Each of them play a part. And this is the team that can move you into flow and progress or make the whole thing feel tedious and laboured!

It takes a long time to build the right team and sometimes it’s not about the lowest cost, but the understanding of how to work in, how to fit into the program and how to play nicely.

I’ll give you an example – many of our trades know the deadlines and urgencies, so they might shuffle someone who is doing a job because they want to for us. They might work until 5 to finish and are off work so they don’t hold up the person the next morning, or so they don’t need to come back. They might turn up when they say they will and just muck in and get the work done.

Another might, never turn up when they say they will, require constant chasing, turn up late, disappear without telling you, finish half a job, delay works, be unpleasant.

This trade means you spend hours of your life chasing them. Hours.

This trade causes sleepless nights and doesn’t allow you to plan the next step.

This trade is a nightmare.

We also have these trades, they are often the cheapest, but when we really think about it the few hundred dollars is not worth the time and energy (and surprisingly this trade might also put in variation invoices.)

This trade is not organised, this trade is not efficient, and this trade is not really making money as they are bouncing between jobs never spending any solid time – which must be hard for them too.

we appreciate you

So, appreciate your team! The ones who muck in, value their efficiency, teamwork, the jokes, laughter and the ease at which you can build. The workplace can be fun and happy with everyone getting along!

We want to celebrate and thank our amazing trades on site – who make this happen!

Who help us build and who we could not do without!

Thank you and Merry Christmas, we hope you enjoy your hard earned break with your family. The year has been trying and we are all just trying to bring it home! We are grateful to have you along side us!