The Blended BuildHer Model – A Collaborative Approach to Building Pays Off!

Welcome to another blog about one of our BuildHers, Celina. A collaborate approach to building really paid off for her. We thought is would be a good idea to dive in a little deeper about the blended BuildHer model that she adopted!

Photography by Ben Hosking


Implementing the blended BuildHer model, this home is barely recognisable as the before and after! Turning a 70’s brown brick home into a contemporary masterpiece was no small feat for this home owner. However, our BuildHer (see how we claim her!), had vision and she knew what she wanted to achieve. 

History and story are important, and the owners of this home knew the value of this house. Having hosted many a soirée when it was owned by a tennis player, the family are delighted when locals “stop to admire the build” and reminisce. Interestingly, always remarking something about how pleased they are to see that they kept the home.

Celina worked closely with both her builder, Quarter Projects, and her design team, Maison Co, and knew the property very well. Her brief was to create a single level home and have a functional big open living area, with great connection to the outdoor space. 

This was something they had struggled with in another home they lived in. In fact, they were downsizing from a much larger house that didn’t function well for their family.

The ‘must haves’ were lots of natural light. This was achieved by extending and designing in a courtyard. Thinking about how they wanted to live, they zoned the bedrooms to the right of the home and the kept the living areas central with connection to the courtyard. 

Initially purchased as an investment until they had a vision for the home, it was more compact than the one they were in. The process only took about 9 months! The builders were amazing and most of the work was completed whilst in lockdown, with a skeleton crew.

the blended buildher model – a collaborative approach to building pays off!

As our BuildHer’s know, there are many options for your build team and the right fit, for both your expectations and budget are immensely important. Celina had worked with Quarter Projects before. Working closely with them again, Celina did all of the internal finishes and joinery design with the builders in a Blended BuildHer model. 

They let her make changes along the way like adding skylights and changing door openings. With attention to detail, trades and tight timelines, communication was key. Importantly they kept their word on deadlines.

When we asked “what was your biggest lesson learnt along the way”, Celina said if she did it again, she would hope not to have such a tight budget. Also, perhaps a little more time – from go to whoa it was VERY quick! They didn’t finalise details before the build as they had sold their home and needed somewhere to live. So they had lots of PC sums, because there was no time to work through.

The build cost $1.5 million, including landscaping.

communication & working together is key!

COVID hit at the beginning of the build but the builder, Quarter Projects, were such good communicators. They felt that they were always in control of the build. 

Celina said that it is so important to find a “them” – a designer and builder who are happy to work together as a team to deliver your vision. Her team understood that this was our dream home, and when changes came up they were really accommodating. Relationships are built over time, and they were in the project from the beginning of the design process as a collaboration. 

You get what you pay for with builders – so choose a team you want to work with. When things go wrong and you have the trust, then the solution is outcome focused, and together you’ll find the best one.

Make sure you check out some of these before photos!

buildher’s bias!

Celina’s temperament really helped her though this build, it was a team, they were collaborating and all in it together – a Blended BuildHer model. 

We noted that the decision-making process was quick and there was trust all round!  This BuildHer knew and understood the process, it was not without issues or hiccups, but no build is. After seeing the results and reading Celina’s story, it is not at all surprising that Celina has got the bug, wants to do it again!

I think we’re going to have to change her status from a BuildHer to a DevelopHer!!!

If that sounds like you too and you want some help and support to pursue that pathway, click HERE to find out a little more about how BuildHer Collective can get you started.

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