Building Green: The Passivhaus Journey with DevelopHer Tylah

Meet DevelopHer Tylah, a Landscape Architect with a passion for gardens and a talent for turning houses into homes filled with warmth and character. Together with her husband Dylan, a skilled builder, they embarked on a journey fuelled by their love for renovation and sustainable living. Tylah shares insights into their renovation journey and the path that led them to embrace the principles of passive house construction.


What was your background and why did you want to renovate a house?

Growing up surrounded by a family that adored gardens and home renovations, it was almost second nature for me to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture. When Dylan and I began renovating our first house, we discovered a shared love for breathing new life into neglected spaces. It was then that we realized this was our calling, a journey we wanted to continue, each project an opportunity to improve and refine our craft.



When you bought this house, what did you see in it?

Our journey with this house began amidst the uncertainty of a Covid-19 lockdown. Despite its dilapidated state, we saw potential shimmering beneath the surface. Drawn to its cottage charm and the promise of a magnificent golden elm tree gracing the backyard, we took the leap, eager to breathe life back into this neglected gem.


How did you start your passive house journey?

Dylan’s passion for sustainable building led us down the path of passive house construction. The moment he discovered the principles of Passivhaus, we knew there was no turning back. The idea of creating homes that prioritize both occupant health and environmental sustainability resonated deeply with us, shaping the trajectory of our renovation journey.



Who are your design team?

With a shared vision in mind, we took the reins of the design process ourselves, infusing every detail with our personal touch. Fang from Studio Fang lent expertise in crafting our Passivhaus Planning Package, ensuring meticulous attention to energy efficiency. Additionally, the talented team at Alwyn Projects and various other trades played integral roles in bringing our vision to life.


What was your favourite part of the build?

For me, the landscaping was where the magic truly unfolded. It provided an opportunity to unleash my creativity as a designer while actively participating in the construction and planting alongside our dedicated team of tradespeople.



Would you do it again/where to from here?

Without a doubt! Armed with the skills and knowledge gained from this project, we’re eager to embark on future renovations, spreading awareness about sustainable building practices along the way. Currently, we’re gearing up for an exciting new Passivhaus project, which you can follow on our Instagram @thehaus.tylah.dylan.


What advice would you offer to those considering joining BuildHer Collective or DevelopHer?

Joining BuildHer Collective has been an enriching experience, both professionally and personally. The sense of community and support within this group is unparalleled, offering invaluable opportunities for growth and connection. To anyone considering joining, I say dive in wholeheartedly—you won’t regret it!

Thanks for sharing your incredible journey, Tylah. We’re excited to see what’s next for you!
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