Close your eyes. Okay, now picture that problem space in your house. The one that has sat on your to-do list for months. The one with the overflowing craft boxes, the invasive junk taking over the leg-room under the desk, that top-of-the-cupboard space that is housing precious artefacts like jars of bent screwdrivers and those all-too-precious primary school participation trophies. Now open your eyes… and your ears. It’s time to tackle that space! But you don’t have to do it alone.

You need a coach for the clutter, a judge for the junk, a hero for the heap, a sherpa for the s##t… okay, we’ll stop now. Rebeka chats with Erin Boyce, owner and operator of Your Organised Life – a company centred around home/office/garage decluttering and organisation. Right at the outset, they tackle the myths and mistruths surrounding the very trendy minimalist movement as seen through the veil of Pinterest posts and Instagram grids. Don’t feel bad if your child-dense, real-world house doesn’t look as mainstream-trendy as that one tiny space from that one day-drinker in that one social media post!

The Coronavirus, by forcing us indoors, has shoved our face into our shameful spaces. We walk past and through them (and sometimes work in them) on a daily basis now, and the impact this has on our mental clutter is beginning to be felt. Who among us, during this time of isolation and a new psychological emptiness, has bought a few new friends from Pottery Barn or Bed Bath & Table or Temple & Webster to try and fill the void?

Decluttering and organising isn’t easy. It’s emotionally taxing, and depending on the severity of your situation, physically exhausting as well. We usually keep kicking that can down the road as the thought of sorting out our entire house is just insurmountable in our minds. Erin, the decluttering demon, shares with us crucial tips to get started in this journey: pick one space to start with, declutter first, then organise with a plan.

So come and learn at the feet of the queen of clean and declutter your home and mind today.

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  • [2:30] – How Erin’s business was born
  • [3:45] – The types of clients that benefit from outsourcing the decluttering of their spaces
  • [5:20] – Object sentimentality and how Erin reads her clients to decide what makes the cut
  • [7:24] – The attachment we have to stuff and the false connections we make with things
  • [9:40] – All the different aspects that Erin can organise in your life – it’s more than just decluttering your pantry
  • [11:00] – Everyone has their own level of chaos. You’re allowed to outsource the things that you’re not good at. Don’t feel as if you should be the one doing all the cleaning and all the upkeep.
  • [13:00] – Coming to terms with the fact that everyone is messy to a certain degree
  • [14:00] – The best way to fold your linen into the linen cupboard
  • [15:30] – Tips to declutter your space:
    • Start Small – Just tackle one small space at a time
    • Always declutter first, organise second
    • Consider the functionality of a piece over the aesthetic
  • [18:30] – How social media paints an unrealistic picture of what organisation should look like
  • [20:00] – Allot a home to everything in your house so everything has its place
  • [22:00] – Do you really need all those spare hats? Think about what you need multiples of, and what is just extra stuff
  • [22:40] – Why Rebeka doesn’t need any utensils in her kitchen
  • [22:50] – Acknowledge what you’re good at, and outsource anything else that you can afford to outsource


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