When thinking about styling a property, it would be easy to make the assumption that it’s simply a matter of adding throws and cushions, vases of flowers and perhaps a new set of curtains. We’ve all seen those renovation shows and they make it look so easy!  In reality, there is so much more to styling than just making things look pretty.

A good stylist will consider the flow of a room, the type of people living there and how they intend to interact with the space. Perhaps with a million-dollar budget, a stylist might bring in bespoke furniture, original artwork pieces, soft furnishings and storage solutions to make that Pinterest-perfect home. But what about the rest of us who want to spruce up our homes for something under a million bucks? Let’s be real – WELL under a million bucks. Enter Ali Waight from Ali Waight Stylist to save the day.

Ali is an interior designer and property stylist who’s days (and likely nights) are spent making properties look effortless and beautiful. Limiting her commercial and residential interior design jobs to a few per year, she spends a lot of her time styling listed properties and has also created a genius styling service called the Hour of Power. In this hour, Ali’s clients utilise her styling expertise for an area of the home they want to improve. In this episode, Ali shares 5 tips on simple things anyone can do to give their home a refresh. She focuses on low budget ideas that will really change a space to help it flow and look amazing. She even mentions Ikea hacking.

Ali loves working to a low budget because the financial constraint necessitates the need for more creativity and thinking outside the box. Some people don’t need their entire house overhauled, they might just really benefit from professional insight. Sometimes an extra set of eyes is all we need, although we do discuss the complications when we have too many friends and family members weighing in on styling ideas (no mum, we don’t want curtains made from old doilies).

Tune in to this episode to hear Ali’s fantastic tips and give them a crack! Your home will be spick and span in no time.

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  • [2:30] – The different options that you have for styling your home when you’re looking to put it on the market
  • [4:40] – Why Ali enjoys working with a low to no budget styling brief
  • [5:30] – The genius idea that is the “Hour Of Power” booking with Ali
  • [6:20] – The benefits of getting a professional opinion on your styling choices, no matter how small
  • [8:10] – When choosing furniture for your home, think about how you live.
  • [9:50] – Tip 1: Tackle the Entrance. What you can do with that “dumping ground” at your front door
  • [13:00] – How easy it is to gather stuff, and how hard it can be to then declutter
  • [13:44] – Really live and feel the space before you go out and buy a piece of furniture
  • [15:34] – Tip 2: Shelf styling. Don’t overthink it. Play with varying sizes, dimensions and see what works
  • [16:30] – Change up how your shelves look with the seasons, remove items when you’re sick of looking at them. You don’t have to keep it the same
  • [17:00] – Tip 3: Styling with foliage. Go outside and see what you can find in your local environment to bring into the home and incorporate
  • [18:17] – Tip 4: How to style your bed linen. Buying complementary tones so that you’re able to mix and match throughout the house instead of buying too many different sets of sheets
  • [21:00] – Tip 5: Incorporating artwork into your styling
  • [21:20] – Think about where the art will be going before you purchase, and the scale that it needs to be to fit the space
  • [22:35] – If you’re feeling arty, try making some of your own art to give your home a personal touch
  • [23:51] – Just because an artist is trending, doesn’t mean you need to buy it – see what works for your home specifically
  • [25:13] – If budget is an issue, you can always buy prints!
  • [25:48] – The artwork that you buy really needs to speak to you for it to have longevity in your home


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