One of the most common questions we get asked is “can I get a referral or a recommendation?” and in all honesty, it gives us a nervous tick! Referrals and recommendations are such a large part of the building industry but it’s not always as simple as passing on a phone number. There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about referring someone and in this episode, we’re going to share some key things to think about before handing over the digits.

We are all for referrals and recommendations. A lot of great tradespeople don’t have an online presence and depend on word of mouth to keep their businesses running, which is why we don’t take the responsibility lightly. It’s like matchmaking! You need to make sure that the person you’re setting your friend up with is the right fit. If not, it could get awkward for all parties involved!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all negative. As well as some important considerations, we talk about the many positives of referring businesses and the transfer of trust that occurs when a recommendation is made. A referral is a huge compliment to the provider and helps strengthen relationships, making future projects with that business all the more fun and rewarding.

Building is fun and networking with people in the building industry is fun too! So if you’ve had a great experience with someone, take the time to give them a positive review. It will make their day and help other people make a decision about who to work with on their next project.

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  • [1:26]: How the request for a recommendation or referral can be a difficult one to fulfil
  • [3:27]: The things to consider when asked for a referral. It’s like matchmaking!
  • [5:00]: You need more information before making a recommendation because two jobs are never the same and it may not be a good fit
  • [6:00]: Just because you get a referral doesn’t mean you have to use them
  • [7:00]: Ask more questions to make sure the person will be a good fit for you.  Do due diligence.
  • [9:40]: The positives of giving a referral and how it’s a huge compliment to the provider
  • [11:00]: Referrals can strengthen a relationship or put a spanner in one
  • [12:41]: Why BuildHer decided not to become a referral service but are happy to share within their community
  • [14:00]: A referral is outside of your control once you’ve passed on a number
  • [15:45]: Transferring trust and filling people’s buckets
  • [17:15]: Maintaining our integrity by not bad-mouthing a tradesperson but giving constructive feedback to them directly.  On the flipside, give positive reviews online.
  • [19:40]: A lot of great tradespeople don’t have an online presence and depend on word of mouth recommendations


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