We have an extraordinary DevelopHer joining us today to share her journey into project management and renovating for profit.  Anita is one of our incredible DevelopHers and today Kribashini speaks with her about her most recent renovation project, a Californian bungalow in Bentleigh, Victoria.

One of the most important parts of developing is the ability to carry on with a project because let’s face it, there are always roadblocks. Anita shares how her resilience helped her push through the challenge of finding the right builder and how she navigated the spanner that Covid threw in the works.

Every build has its challenges but before 2020, at least you were allowed on site to check how things were going! Unable to be there in person, Anita relied on Facetime and constant phone calls to check on progress and make decisions. She describes the frustration of not being able to see things in person, making communication with her builders and suppliers all the more crucial.

Anita talks through some of the specifics of the renovation, including gorgeous high raked ceilings, curved features and a playful pink powder room which Kribashini can’t wait to see. Tying in old with new, Anita has added a beautiful extension onto the bungalow, giving it a modern twist whilst maintaining its period charm. Anita talks about the importance of seeing past what you’re presented upfront and having a vision for the renovation.

Finding the right home can take time – Anita visited over 20 places before she found this beauty. In fact, she purchased it at auction via Facetime with her husband while she attended a BuildHer Masterclass! It just goes to show, if you want something, you can make it happen and find a way around any roadblock along the way.

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  • [1:40]: Anita shares how she fell into project management coming from a background in physiotherapy
  • [3:30]: How Anita attended an auction via facetime with her husband while she was in a BuildHer master class
  • [5:14]: By renovating and developing, Anita is following her passion and also enabling the lifestyle she wants to live
  • [7:16]: The 80-year-old Californian bungalow Anita is renovating and how it ticked all the boxes
  • [8:20]: How Anita looked at at least 20 houses before she found the right one and that she had a good feeling as soon as she walked in.
  • [9:45]: The vision Anita had for the home, what modifications she has made so far and how she has tied old and new together to bring the place to life
  • [11:30]: Anita shares her favourite parts of the home including the high raked ceilings and how she has incorporated curves into the design
  • [12:40]: The floorplan specifics and how the landscaping is somewhat of an ode to the previous owner and the love they had poured into the garden
  • [14:00]: How Anita loves her pink powder room and is so glad she decided to include it in the floor plan
  • [15:30]: Anita shares her biggest challenge finding the right builder who understood her vision and her budget but that it all fell into place
  • [17:30]: The unknowns of renovating an older house which ate into the budget a little bit but that Covid has been the biggest challenge in holding things up
  • [18:00]: How Anita’s resilience helped her not give up on her project and find the right builder
  • [19:50]: The balance of compromising to work within budget and time constraints
  • [21:00]: How Covid threw a spanner in the works, meaning she wasn’t able to get on-site anymore and choose fittings and fixtures in store.  Communication with her builder and suppliers was all the more important
  • [22:50]: Covid restrictions meant she wasn’t able to get her landscaping done at the same time as the build, which was frustrating
  • [23:30]: Fittings and fixtures look different on screen and Anita has doubted if she’s made the right decision but you can only control what you can control.
  • [25:20]: Arming yourself with knowledge and information and having a network you can rely on is important to help troubleshoot.  The BuildHer group is exactly that!
  • [27:30]: Anita’s advice to other developers: Good communication with your trades, having confidence in yourself, having a good network, being organised
  • [29:00]: How Anita’s property is now on the market and Kribashini can’t wait to see the powder room


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