Our guest today is Evan from DIY Blinds, one of our beloved supplier partners, and he chats with Rebeka about all things window furnishings.

Evan talks about why DIY Blinds has blown up and how they’ve disrupted the industry by taking a traditionally analogue service and making it fully digital.  Customers are express-posted free samples that they order online, obtain live pricing and have access to design consultants who are there to help them every step of the way.  By taking showrooms and commissions out of the equation, they’re able to offer Australian made designer quality products at competitive prices plus provide an authentic service offering.

Evan and Rebeka chat about the pros of thinking through your window furnishings early on in the piece. The benefit of doing so enables you to really think about what you’re hoping to achieve and work it into your design instead of having to make costly variations down the track.  Evan discusses the different services that DIY Blinds offer and how they can custom make anything according to your needs – and the earlier you think about it the better!

Home automation is another hot topic in the episode as Evan and Rebeka discuss the numerous options that are available with modern technologies. Curtains and blinds can not only open and close at the touch of a button, they can now be hooked up to the weather forecast to adapt before you even know it needs to happen.  How good is technology!

The great thing about a DIY service is that you can tailor it to both your desired aesthetic and budget requirements. ‘Designer’ doesn’t have to mean expensive and Rebeka and Evan share some tips on obtaining a high end look without the price tag.

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  • [1:57]: Evan’s background in finance and how he came to start DIY Blinds with his business partner, Liam
  • [3:00]: How DIY Blinds is disrupting the industry by not being commission-based, which is why it has blown up
  • [4:00]: How free samples are express posted to customers and design consultants are available to help every step of the way. They provide an authentic service offering as well as the fantastic product.
  • [4:50]: Their products are Australian made designer quality and competitive prices
  • [6:00]: They are able to offer a better product and price with higher convenience and how a lot of businesses are moving online
  • [7:30]: There is an installation offer to help customers who aren’t DIY minded or who want to save on time
  • [9:20]: Thinking about window furnishings when you’re designing the house will help you save money by avoiding variations at the end
  • [10:40]: Everyone’s values are different and the way we use the space is unique so thinking about it ahead of time enables you to come up with a solution that works
  • [13:00]: A big bank of windows can be problematic because you lose 30% with window furnishings but if you plan before building, a solution can be found
  • [14:20]: The designer look of a pelmet and how superior finish can be achieved if you look at it early
  • [15:55]: The numerous motorised options available and how blinds can be used to help reduce thermal heating and improve sustainability
  • [17:25]: The exciting options available with home automation but that it needs to be simple.  If it’s too complicated, it defeats the purpose.
  • [19:20]: How the C-Bus system is hardwired but their system is wifi and therefore more flexible
  • [20:15]: How DIY Blinds work with developers to future proof their build to accommodate the increasing technological advancements in home automation
  • [22:00]: Automated curtains outperform their manual counterparts in higher spaces and prolong the life of the curtain by avoiding those dirty hands
  • [23:30]: How the website provides live pricing and that the biggest cost factor is the actual fabric
  • [25:45]: How DIY Blinds are continually adding a bigger range of fabrics and how customers can choose their own fabric from warehouses and purchase through them at a trade discount. Rebeka did this for a split curtain installation.
  • [27:40]: You do pay more for this service but you’re making a statement
  • [28:30]: How the BuildHer community create homes that are really enjoyable to be part of and they have the bonus of the trade discount
  • [30:30]: The little black book is a vetted list of Rebeka’s trusted suppliers and providers, catering to different budgets and options


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