Imagine being on holidays every single day. Ok, that idea is pretty unrealistic for most of us, so perhaps the next best thing is creating a home that gives you the feeling of holidays when you walk through the door at the end of the day. That is exactly what our guest does for a living and it’s no surprise why she loves it!

In this episode, Rebeka chats with Katrina Lumsden from Haven Interiors. Katrina is a coastal home stylist, helping her clients create their own beautiful coastal havens to live and holiday in. Offering interior styling services and an online course, Katrina shares her styling knowledge and passion with her clients to help bring those calming holiday vibes into day to day reality.

Having been a property stylist for numerous years and growing tired of the challenges and physical demands of the job, Katrina ripped the band-aid off and pivoted (urgh, there’s that word!) her successful styling business into a coastal niche where she could do what she really loved all the time. At the same time, she created a wonderful work/life balance to spend more time with her three kids.  It was a win-win pivot (there it is again – we promise that’s the last one)!

Katrina shares her 5 step formula which helps her clients identify their own style, create a clear picture of what they want and stick to the budget they’ve set for themselves. Katrina and Rebeka discuss the decluttering dilemma and how sometimes the items you love might not suit a space but that thinking outside the box can help find a solution. They also talk through the breakage factor with kids and pets and how finding a happy medium is what it’s all about.

So, if you love those coastal vibes and you’re keen to have that holiday feeling all year round, this episode is for you.

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  • [1:50]: The lightbulb moment when Katrina decided to pivot out of property styling and focus on coastal homes
  • [3:30]: How property styling is a really physical job and there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes making it really challenging
  • [4:00]: Katrina is loving what she’s doing and has more time to spend with her children
  • [5:30]: How Katrina helps clients select finishes and furnishings that give it that holiday feeling
  • [7:00]: Most people who come to Katrina are overwhelmed and don’t know what they want.  She uses a 5 step formula that really works:
    1. Define your style and what you love. Save pins on Pinterest to hone in on what you like.
    2. Declutter.  Some pieces might not work with the look that you want
  • [10:30]: The dilemma of wanting to use and display the things we love but having to be ok with breakages from pets and kids
  • [11:30]: Continuing the 5 step formula:
    1. Look at the layout to create the flow. Measure, measure, measure. It gives you the confidence to know what you’re looking for when selecting items.
    2. Buy your furniture. Make a list or spreadsheet to keep pictures and the budget in one place.
    3. The finishing touches. Bringing all the coastal elements and layers in to create the homely feel
  • [16:00]: Katrina’s online course and how it helps with how to bring everything together
  • [16:20]: Use Pinterest to hone in on what you like and copy the styles you like in your own way.
  • [17:45]: It takes practise to get good at styling.
  • [19:20]: The support available through Katrina’s online course: an exclusive Facebook group, and live question-and-answer sessions
  • [20:15]: The beauty of the community that’s established when everyone is interested in the same niche
  • [21:30]: How Katrina has been surprised by how much she loves the teaching side of things


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