What better way to spend lockdown than to build a beautifully landscaped garden? That’s what Rebeka has been up to and she’s gotten slightly garden-obsessed all because of our special guest today, Mon Palmer. Mon is an expert landscape designer whose beautiful aesthetic seeps into everything she touches, especially gardens, and she joins us today to share why she’s so obsessed with outdoor spaces.

In addition to designing beautiful landscapes, interiors, outdoor spaces and more, Mon offers a masterclass that teaches others how to sketch up and design from concept through to detail design presentation. In this episode, Mon shares how she got into the industry, where her original inspiration for landscape came from and her journey to starting her own successful business.

Rebeka and Mon discuss the importance and benefits of thinking about landscaping at planning stages and not just leaving it to last.  Gardens can be so much more than just a border of trees blocking your neighbours.  When thought and consideration are put into the outside with a holistic approach, it completely enhances the feel of a home and adds significant value to the property.

In this episode, Mon talks about how her inspiration for design comes from all kinds of places and how she honed in on developing her own style and aesthetic.  She shares a few tips on how to start approaching garden design for yourself and the importance of getting to the core of your vision.  The best designs are authentic for the person, so being clear on what your heart loves is what it’s all about.

You’re going to love this episode and we’re pretty sure you’ll be slightly garden obsessed by the end of it.

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  • [2:55]: How Mon became obsessed with outdoor spaces while working overseas, and how beautiful outdoor spaces can add so much value
  • [4:17]: Previously, clients engaged Mon at the end of the build and now they are engaging her in the planning stage, which provides so much opportunity and saves time and money
  • [6:40]: Mon’s journey studying landscape design and horticulture and how she learned how to build things from scratch
  • [8:50]: How Mon started a business partnership while she was still studying but parted ways and started working for a local landscape architect firm
  • [10:50]: How Mon approached the architect firm without them advertising for a position and what she was able to bring to the business.
  • [13:10]: How Mon started working remotely part-time, which enabled her to live in the USA and enrol in a design course and hone in on her own style to eventually start her own business
  • [16:00]: How Mon teaches people to do sketch up and landscape design and the importance of having a clear vision
  • [17:50]: You can tell when something has been really thought out because it feels right. It’s a sign that the core values have been realised and it’s authentic to the person
  • [18:30]: Good design feels like it’s always been there. The ‘clean and simple’ look is often the hardest. If it looks DIY, it’s because steps a professional would do have been missed.
  • [20:00]: How a designer draws from their wealth of knowledge to know what something will look like in the future
  • [22:35]: How most of Mon’s work is on the east coast
  • [23:20]: Tips to think about when designing your garden:
    • How are you going to zone your space?
    • Find inspiration images and discover what your heart loves by seeing what themes are carried out in the images you save


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