We love talking to people in the building industry about creating beautiful things and today we’re joined by the very talented stylist and seasoned renovator, Eve Gunson from Dot + Pop. Together with her partner and registered builder, Matt, Eve spends her days designing, renovating, styling and collaborating with brands to create beautiful spaces.

Dot + Pop is a multifaceted brand incorporating an online destination for design lovers and interior styling business. What started out as a personal passion project evolved into a beautiful online space where others can learn and be inspired.

In this episode, Eve shares her renovating journey which started at the ripe age of 21. Not everyone has the vision and determination to undertake a renovation project so young, but it’s certainly worked out well for Eve and Matt because they haven’t stopped since.

Eve and Rebeka talk about the journey to getting your forever home and how each home is a stepping stone toward your dream. They talk about renovating with kids, the benefits of living with a builder and how the small things make such a big difference. They also have a laugh about why door handles and towel hooks are the worst things ever.

Sharing a few tips for people establishing themselves in the industry, Eve talks about finding your niche, being authentic and building relationships with brands that you love. She and Rebeka also talk about the tireless work and dedication that goes into renovation projects, but that it all works out in the end.

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  • [2:15]: How Dot & Pop started out as a personal creative outlet and is now a multifaceted brand incorporating an online space for design lovers and a styling business.
  • [3:45]: How Eve has always been surrounded by the love of aesthetics and the arts.
  • [4:30]: Eve talks about her and Matt’s first property which was a heritage-listed Victorian house on a 102m2 block.
  • [6:15]: How getting to your forever home is a journey and each property is a stepping stone toward your dream.  Buy what you can afford and start with that.
  • [7:30]: How things often are left unfinished when renovating and the difference between Instagram and real life
  • [10:00]: How the small things make a big difference and the benefits of living with a builder.
  • [12:40]: How Eve and Matt designed their house themselves without engaging an architect.
  • [13:50]: Rebeka talks about why she doesn’t do basements and the things you have to think about in terms of safety when renovating with kids.
  • [16:15]: How Matt is a high-end builder with a great design eye and completes the floor plans and designs of their houses. They have established themselves in a niche market.
  • [17:40]: You can never switch off when you’re doing your own project and you have to work months ahead.
  • [18:50]: Eve’s tip in finding your niche and that she loves building relationships with brands and sharing the furniture and homewares that she loves.
  • [20:15]: Creating content is time-consuming and being authentic is really important.
  • [21:00]: How Eve and Matt are planning on doing another project but they have really enjoyed living in a finished home and how they often talk about moving to Queensland.
  • [22:50]: How things always work out perfectly in the end and that they have never regretted missing out on properties.
  • [25:40]: Rebeka’s house progress and her steel window nightmare.


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