Building a new home is an exciting yet daunting process. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide on the right path to take.


we chat with DevelopHer Samone Shepherdson about her experience with volume building.

 One option is to take the path of volume building, and if you’re considering this for your new home you’re in luck!  In today’s episode, we chat with DevelopHer Samone Shepherdson about her experience with volume building. She shares valuable insights into the process, the decision-making factors, and the advantages of choosing volume building over other options.

So, what were the biggest benefits that influenced Samone to choose volume building?

  1. A Simplified Process: Unlike the custom home building process, volume builders provide a range of pre-designed floor plans to choose from. This streamlined approach eliminates the guesswork and offers clear pricing structures.
  2. The Power of Visualisation:  The ability to walk through display homes and visualise the end result was a huge benefit.  Samone and her family had a clear idea of what they wanted from their new home and found their dream design among the many floor plans available.
  3. Clarity in Pricing: Cost was another significant factor. Samone highlighted that volume builders like Carlisle Homes provide detailed information about what is included in the base price and the additional cost of any upgrades. This transparency allowed Samone and her family to make informed decisions within their budget.
  4. Pricing Lock In: Additionally, by selecting a volume builder, they were able to lock in the starting price. This protected them from any price increases that might occur during the construction process. This proved a huge advantage when the market shifted and those building with independent builders were hit with a considerable price increase.

Customising The House:
After locking in a floorplan, the next step is to choose finishes and fixtures. Volume builders typically have a showroom where homeowners can explore different options for color schemes, tiles, countertops, and other design elements. When she visited, Samone was paired with an interior stylist who helped ensure her choices were cohesive and matched her vision.

The Construction Process:
Once all selections were made, the building process began. In Samone’s case, Carlisle Homes committed to finishing the build within 252 days. Although some delays occurred due to external factors, the builder maintained clear and transparent communication with regular updates. Samone also appreciated the customer portal, which provided detailed information about the build’s progress, payment status, and allowed her to log any questions or concerns.

Samone’s experience with volume building demonstrates the benefits and efficiency of this method. The ability to walk through display homes, the cost savings through price locking, and the reliability provided by a reputable builder were all factors that made volume building the ideal choice for Samone and her family. So if you’re looking to build your dream home, exploring the options offered by volume builders is a step worth taking.


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