A Perfect Extension!


Justine and husband Nick had been planning their renovation for years! They love their tree lined street, love their home and knew the house had a little something more to give and they wanted to get it right.

They got some plans drawn up by a local architectural designer and noticed a builder/interior designer team building on their street. Now, Nick is a carpenter himself, so they knew how to spot a good builder. They recruited the local builder and designer and they watched them build their own home with great interest!

BuidHer Tip:  Local builders are great to watch, and you can learn a lot about their process by the way they build. Is the site clean? Are there many trades on site? How quickly does it move? What are they building? Are they respectful of neighbours? And if you build up enough courage to ask them questions are they polite and helpful?

With Justine being a marketing queen and Nick a builder, they decided halfway through their own build that actually, they were sick of Melbourne and the lockdowns and decided to make a move and relocate to Queensland (no, we are not jealous) and this soon became their calling in life! However, they were having so much fun with the building process that they decided to do it again and again, and again in Queensland as part of their new lifestyle!

So, why was their build fun and other people struggle so much?

Two reasons – firstly they’re a power couple that tackle everything they do with energy and gusto! Infectious smiles and can-do attitudes go a long way in building and the second – they’re a great team!

Let’s double down on the team for a second! The builder is JBM group and they have loved working with them.

“We trusted JBM Group from the first meeting we had with them, not just because of their proven success in our local area, but the synergy we felt simply because they understood our unique needs and explained the process in simplified terms.  Throughout the build they went well above our expectations with their level of service, flexibility, patience and diligence to deliver the exceptional outcome we achieved at Christmas House.”

Melissa _@melissavukadin who did the interior design was not only dubbed “The Marriage Councillor” by Justine and Nick, but she also led the team of builders and owners on a journey for her vision and inspiration with her design.

They fell in love with her design from her first presentation that showed a colour pallet of warm whites, muted greys and soft timber tones. Melissa’s use of natural look and feel finishes has created a sense of calm and tranquillity.

They knew that they were on the right track to get it right on this build.

The home itself was turned from a single fronted Victorian to a double fronted Victorian. The bedrooms were increased from 2 to 4, plus study, and also significantly expanded was the natural flowing light and open spaces. 

A casual pared back home with a classic style referencing today’s contemporary interior design and a nod its original Victorian architecture, whilst using sophisticated materials with restraint has given this family home a minimal yet warm outcome.

things we love!

  • The great outside entertainment area and connection from inside to outside!
  • The floorplan has fixed the home’s flow without loosing any character!
  • The split level living zones the home in a really practical way, opening up to an open plan room that we could only dream of calling our own.
  • Melissa has in her signature style created a gorgeous calm sanctuary of a home, filled with beautiful materials.
  • We love seeing a collaborative process between the designers, builders and owners! It makes for a wonderful energy in the home which you can really feel!

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