Building with a Volume Builder: Samone’s Seamless Journey from Dream to Home

In the world of homebuilding, there are many paths to creating your dream home. Working with volume builders, like Carlisle Homes, who offer a streamlined and efficient process for turning their customers dream homes into reality was a option that BuildHer, Samone had used previously and had clarity on when she decided to undertake the her new home build.  Samone Shepperton, a graphic designer who recently completed her build with Carlisle Builders, loved her experience  and the seamless process she enjoyed throughout her project.

The Decision-Making Process

Samone began her homebuilding journey by purchasing a block of land in a new estate. She and her family were attracted to a specific area and had been keeping an eye on available properties for a while. The next step was choosing a builder, and Samone explored options from various companies, including Henley, Porter Davis, Metricon, and Carlisle. They ultimately decided to work with a volume builder due to the variety of options and cost-effectiveness offered by larger builders.

The Appeal of Pre-Designed Homes

One of the primary reasons Samone and her family opted for a volume builder was the availability of pre-designed homes that met their needs. Instead of going through the design process themselves, they found a display home that perfectly suited their requirements. This allowed them to buy their house “off the plan” and have a clear vision of what the final product would look like. Samone emphasised that walking through display homes made it easier to visualize the end result, especially for family members who may struggle with abstract concepts.

The could select a home that had the right number of bedrooms, living spaces and a layout that met their needs. Samone started with her block size and orientation as a base and there were many options that would have suited their family. Many of the plans came with alternative configurations that they could select and choose from, but they ended up finding a home that was perfect for their family by first looking online and then visiting display villages and walking through a number of the homes by different builders.

Cost and Price Lock-In

Cost also played a significant role in Samone’s decision-making process, she was able to understand what she would be spending and the size of the house at the beginning of the process as the costs are clearly identified. This gave her clarity on affordability, but also she was able to compare floorplans and pricing and make a selection on the base model with confidence understanding all of her options. By signing a contract and paying a deposit with Carlisle Builders early in September 2021, they were able to lock in the price of their build before any price increases occurred.  Samone mentioned that some of her friends who chose independent builders experienced substantial cost increases due to material price hikes throughout the process.  The volume builder experience provided the financial stability and predictability that Samone was looking for.

Confidence in the Builder

Samone also emphasised the importance of having confidence in the builder, especially in the current climate where some builders have faced financial difficulties. She liked that Carlisle Builders provided reassurance by communicating their financial backing from reputable companies and highlighting their ownership of display homes, which made her feel comfortable going down this process. Samone praised the professionalism and confidence exhibited by the Carlisle team, from the office staff to the on-site supervisor, throughout her project.

The Selection and Customization Process

Even though Samone was working with a volume builder she found she had the ability to choose from a wide range of options for colours, fixtures and finishes. Samone explained that Carlisle Builders’ Spectra showroom was a valuable resource for making selections. They were assigned an interior stylist who helped them navigate the choices and ensure that everything aligns cohesively with their selected facade. Samone also appreciated the transparency of the builder in detailing the upgrade costs, making it clear what was included in the base price and what incurred additional charges, she found the process clear and easy to navigate. Samone had completed most of her selections before she went to the showroom, so had a good understanding of the look and feel she was trying to create, this meant that she spent her time tweaking and adjusting and noted that the consultant was able to recommend more cost effective selections that had a similar look and feel.

Efficiency and Clear Pricing

Samone felt that the efficiency and clear pricing structure offered by volume builders was a clear benefit to getting more home for the budget they had allocated. The well-defined process and transparent pricing eliminated much of the uncertainty associated with custom homebuilding where you are estimating costings along the process. Unique and intricate features were not high on the priority list, and as Samone was starting with a clear and relatively level block the practical and functional designs offered by volume builders really suited her and her family’s needs, she felt she was able to achieve a quality home that meet their needs at an affordable price.

The Construction Journey

The construction timeline is always an important part of the process once the design and selections are complete, Samone had selected the home she wanted to build before her land was titled, and Carlisle Builders provided a clear timeline of 252 days for the entire construction process after the titling had happened, with some allowances within the contract to extend the timeline for factors beyond their control. Samone also mentioned that she liked their ability to access the site at various stages, allowing them to witness the progress and make preparations for items like blinds and window furnishings, which she organised outside of the building contract.

Throughout the build, Samone praised the transparency and communication provided by Carlisle and was able to share that she loved working with the onsite team. There was a customer portal to keep her informed about the project’s status, payments, and updates. This portal also serves as a platform for reporting any defects during the three-month warranty period after handover.

Samone Shepperton’s journey exemplifies the advantages of choosing a volume builder if there is a good fit for your requirements. She found the process offered affordability, transparency, efficiency, and access to a wide range of pre-designed homes and customisation options. While custom-built homes have and will always have their place, volume builders can provide a well-established and practical solution which due to their build efficiencies can maximise your budget and provide clarity of the end product.


Next week, we’ll hear more about this method from the perspective of the Volume Builder!

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