Embarking on a duplex project wasn’t just about creating a source of passive income for us; it was a dream turned reality, an opportunity to build a diverse portfolio, and gain invaluable experience. This blog dives into the motivations, challenges, and highlights of our journey into duplex development.

Background and Inspiration

Having studied architecture, I took a hiatus after graduation to travel, start a family, and support my husband’s business. The turning point came in 2019 when we built our own home, reigniting my passion for property development. This project was a natural progression, a return to my true calling.

Unique Features of Laya Villas

Laya Villas showcases distinct personalities in its two units. Villa A exudes calmness, featuring a breathtaking ensuite with a luxurious bath space and unique natural marble in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Villa B embraces sophistication, with a darker walnut finish and an unexpectedly daring choice of paint in the “poo” room, now a standout feature with a beautiful bronze mirror.

Personal Highlights

The joy of collaboration with the builder, daily problem-solving sessions, and witnessing doubted design decisions transform into completed masterpieces were the most fulfilling aspects of this journey. It’s a testament to the satisfaction that comes with hands-on involvement in every stage of development.

Key Learnings
The journey taught us the importance of mindset. Understanding that building is an emotional rollercoaster allowed us to embrace daily challenges as part of the game. Learning to cut ourselves some slack and accepting that perfection is a myth were crucial realizations. The ability to navigate through setbacks with a problem-solving mindset made the journey more enjoyable.

Will We Do It Again?
The experience was so rewarding that we’re already in the planning stage for our next project. Despite the rollercoaster ride, the prospect of creating and witnessing more dream spaces is too enticing to resist.

Advice for Aspiring BuildHers/DevelopHers

For anyone considering a similar path, I can’t stress enough the importance of community. Joining a network like BuildHer/DevelopHer provides an invaluable support system. The ability to share ideas, navigate the challenges of building, motherhood, and thriving in a male-dominated industry with like-minded women is an asset beyond measure.

Our duplex project was more than just a real estate endeavor; it was a journey of self-discovery, growth, and the creation of spaces that evoke strong emotions. We look forward to the next chapter in our development story, armed with experience, a resilient mindset, and a supportive community by our side.

Jenn Sinclair, DevelopHer xx

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