Natural V Reconstituted Stone

What is the difference and what is better?

Like with basically all answers we give, its about finding the right product for your application. Nether is better or worse than the other, but there are different consideration for to each of the products.  As you will see below we love and use both in our projects!

Natural Stones:

Natural stones commonly used for benchtops include marble, limestone and granite.  These are formed over thousands of years and will be quarried from around the world.

As these are natural products, much like timber, no two pieces of stone will be the same. They will have natural and unique markings and colours. There can be lots of consistency or much variation, which can make samples difficult to rely on. 

Top Tip: it is really important that you select the actual piece of stone you will be using when you purchase.

Stones are a naturally more porous product, with some of them being subject to pitting and difficult to use. You will need to care for your stone as things like oil, lemon juice and vinegar can cause an issue. If this concerns you then you can treat the surface with a sealant to protect you stone.

Why do we love stone?

We love the movement and variation. Each piece is unique and like a piece of art. We have great joy selecting our stones. Here we are at Signorino’s warehouse choosing a stone and making some tough decisions.

It’s always so difficult because they are all so beautiful. In the end one will sing to you and you’ll know you’ve found the right one, just like we always do!   

There are so many different types of stone!

Engineered or Reconstituted Stones:

These benchtops are made from natural minerals and manufactured to create a consistent surface. They will take a natural stone, crush it and bind it with a resin and often add other minerals and materials to strengthen the product and to create the desired outcome.

Due to the process and control engineered stones have  a much higher level of resistance to cracks, heat, staining, acids and impact. Which in the kitchen is really not a bad thing.

Some of the really good suppliers also offer long warranties, Silestone by Cosentino (which we love and have used across our last three projects) has a 25 year warranty, so that can give you assurance that you (ahem, maybe six) kids can not destroy the benches!

The sheet sizes are specific and consistent, so when specifying for your project this can give you great clarity and certainty of the product.  There are many colours to choose from and there has been a lot of technological advances in this area as well! Some engineered stones can also be more friendly to your budgets as well!

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