Friends of BuildHer… Harbro Furniture

When we needed a custom sofa to fit the space perfectly at our Alpha House perfectly, we called on Bryce and his team at Harbro Furniture knowing they could do the job… and do the job they did! Not only once… but twice!

The custom designed sofa sits perfectly in our Alpha House Living Space

Based in Melbourne, they manufacture high quality and custom-made furniture for residential and commercial spaces. Their client base is prominently made up of architects and designers, however, they encourage anyone with a unique eye and big ideas to reach out. They will sit down with clients to discuss their ideas and inspirations, the space and any limitations. They then design and create pieces using quality materials. I love that they’re not about being volume based, but rather put their heart and soul into making beautiful pieces that people get excited about having in their homes and work places.

This is Rufus bringing some fun and color to the upstairs retreat

Harbro Furniture is a family business. Bryce’s father started the company over 45 years ago. The business flourished and they found themselves selling their furniture to companies like ‘Guests and Andersons’ (like our Harvey Norman of today!) Although business was good, they found themselves in a place they hadn’t really planned on being and somewhere they didn’t really want to be. They decided to scale things back, not only to make the business a little easier to run, but go back to what they loved doing – making high end quality furniture.

Not only doing residential, these beautiful seats are in a hotel in Geelong.
Not only sofas, Alisa and Lysandra (past Block contestants turned designers) commissioned this amazing bedhead
Also commissioned by Alisa and Lysandra for their project, a custom sofa

8 years ago, Bryce came on board alongside his father to learn the family business and start taking over the reigns. At this time they were still making smaller items for other companies, and now part of the team, Bryce decided this wasn’t the direction that Harbro should take. They dropped that side of the business and dedicated their time to concentrate on making great furniture. Over the past 8 years, Harbro has come in leaps and bounds, and why not? the product is just divine. All handmade from the highest quality products, not only are the pieces beautiful, but will absolutely stand the test of time.

The Franklin Sofa – Part of Harbro’s standard range
And this ottoman!! Hello Armstrong

Taking custom orders for both residential and commercial clients, Bryce hopes to keep designing furniture that in years to come, will compete with high end European imports.

And make sure to keep an eye out if you’re ever in Ballarat, the Harbro team are currently working with the owners of a Boutique Hotel to provide bedheads and seating throughout.

Harbro have just launched their new website, so make sure you check them out here: HARBRO WEBSITE

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