The Art of Hospitality Design with Samantha Eades 

In the bustling world of design and architecture, the realm of hospitality design stands as a captivating niche. It’s a domain where spaces become storytellers, where every element – from the colour scheme to the texture of a chair, collaborates to tell an immersive tale. Join us as we delve into the world of visionary Samantha Eades, co-founder of Mitchell & Eades, a design firm that masterfully crafts memorable spaces. 

Samantha Eades, Principal, Mitchell & Eades

Crafting Enchanting Worlds: The Birth of Mitchell & Eades 

The story of Mitchell & Eades unfolds against the backdrop of creativity and collaboration. Whilst experiencing the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic in 2020, two industry experts, Samantha Eades and Haley Mitchell, brought together their individual practices to form a powerhouse of hospitality and hotel design. The result is a design company that’s not just about aesthetics, but a symphony of experiences, cultures, and emotions. The firm has a global reach, delivering luxury spaces with contemporary vision and timeless appeal. 

The Magic of Hospitality Design: Where Theatre Meets Reality 

Samantha eloquently likens hospitality design to a theatre production, where all senses are engaged: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. The pressure to hit each sensory note, while also ensuring functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, is a challenge Samantha and her team thrive upon. 

Theatricality is embraced, allowing designers to be daring, flamboyant, and diverse. Each project, whether a luxurious New York-style Italian grill or a quaint hideaway restaurant, becomes an opportunity for an immersive performance. The essence of the brand, the food, and the space harmonise to deliver an unforgettable guest experience. 

Empathy and Humility: The Designers’ Mantra 

While some of Mitchell & Eades clients arrive with well-defined concepts, others seek guidance to translate their passions into designs. The process is a constant dialogue, with the designers seeking a deep understanding of the client vision and undertaking an exploration of their aspirations and values. Their successful designs bring together the many elements of the client brief into a cohesive narrative, and they utilise every detail within the space to deliver that narrative. 

From Cocktails to Palaces: The Creative Journey 

As the Mitchell & Eades team embark on a project, the creative journey starts with a narrative – where history, culture, and purpose intertwine. Whether it’s a heritage building with a rich history or a contemporary blank canvas, the narrative becomes the guiding light. Not only considering the physical space, the designers incorporate the social, historical and environmental context, building layers of meaning and depth. 

For instance, a Tiki Bar project metamorphoses from a simple concept to a golden hour-inspired palette, echoing the essence of tropical sunsets. Another project, a 600-year-old fort transformed into a Six Senses resort, won accolades for seamlessly weaving history, culture, and luxury. Each narrative is a cornerstone, grounding the design process in purpose and direction. 

Foyer/casual space at Fort Barwara, interior design by Mitchell & Eades
Six Senses Fort Barwara, interior design by Mitchell & Eades

A Journey Beyond: Beyond Design and into Experience 

It’s clear that hospitality design is more than a profession – it’s a passion for crafting stories that linger in the hearts of those who experience them. The world of Mitchell & Eades is an intoxicating blend of theatre, empathy, creativity, and innovation. 

Samantha’s journey inspires us to rethink design as not just a visual endeavour but as a sensory expedition – an inspired approach to delivering spaces that are imaginative, emotive and invigorating. 

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