Which Building Method is right for you? The Volume Builder process

Featured image: The Kensington Grand 40 from Carlisle Homes – the property choice of DevelopHer Samone Shepherdson (read about Samone’s journey here).

Volume Builder Method 

The Volume Builder method is a popular and convenient approach to home construction, offering pre-designed house plans and a streamlined building process. Volume builders construct a large number of homes each year, providing standardised options for various budgets and preferences. 




  1. Cost-Efficient: Volume builders leverage economies of scale, making their homes more cost-effective compared to custom designs.
  2. Potentially Speedy Construction: The streamlined process and standardised plans should result in faster construction timelines.
  3. Reduced Decision Overload: Volume builders offer curated selections, reducing the overwhelming choices homeowners might face.
  4. Quality Assurance: Established volume builders often maintain stringent quality standards due to their consistent construction volume. You will want to check the build quality of the builder you are selecting in all cases. 
  5. Predictable Costs: With fixed plans and specifications, you have a clearer understanding of the overall project cost.



  1. Limited Customisation: While volume builders offer various plans, customisation options are generally limited compared to custom builds and can have significant costs attached. 
  2. Less Unique: The standardised designs may lack the unique character and personalised touches of a custom-designed home.
  3. Location and Site Limitations: Volume builders often have predefined areas where they operate, limiting your choice of land, they may also have site limitations, ie. They will not build on a slope or a site with significant trees. 
  4. Less Flexibility: Altering the design or layout may come with additional costs and restrictions.
  5. Only New Homes: You will not be able to use this process to do a renovation or extension – it is only for knock down-r rebuilds. 


Cost Implications: 

Volume builders often provide cost-efficient options, but customisation or premium finishes could increase the overall project cost. 

Time Implications: 

The streamlined process and standardised plans could contribute to quicker construction timelines with volume builders.  

Is the Volume Builder Method Right for You? 

Assess these questions when considering the Volume Builder method: 

  • Are you seeking affordability: Do you prioritise a cost-efficient option without the complexities of a custom design?. 
  • Do you prefer a predictable timeline: Is a potentially faster construction timeline important to you? 
  • Is customisation less critical: Are you comfortable with fewer customisation options in exchange for a simplified process? 
  • Are you open to standardised plans: Do you find value in choosing from pre-designed plans rather than starting from scratch? 
  • Do you value quality and consistency: Do you prioritise the reputation and quality assurance that established volume builders offer? 


The Volume Builder method provides an accessible and streamlined approach to home construction, ideal for those seeking affordability, predictable timelines, and simplified decision-making. While customisation options might be limited compared to custom designs, volume builders offer an attractive balance of cost-efficiency, quality assurance, and faster construction. If you’re looking for a well-constructed home without the complexity of a custom build, the Volume Builder method could be the perfect match for your new home.  


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